about me!!

Hi my name is Luke and I’m going to be telling you a little bit about me.

The sports I like and play are:

cricket and football. I play cricket and football for Norwood

The hobbies I like to do:

I like to play Minecraft and other video games.

The animals I have in my house are:

I have a 15 week year old cat and her name is Molly and I have a brown kelpie called Wally.It’s two and a half years old and my dog always begs for food

3 thoughts on “about me!!

  1. Hi Luke,
    This is a great post because you got straight to the point. The theme goes well with this because it has pictures of sports and you obviously like sports. I like to play cricket and footy too. I’m pretty sure that I have played against your team in footy. I don’t have any pets but I do want a dog.
    I sometimes play Minecraft but my favorite video game is FIFA 14.
    This is a great post and Ihope you keep posting because so far, you have a great blog.

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